Wednesday, 9 January 2008


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ODB - The #1 Contender

We here at RHD jumped up and down when we heard the news that TNA signed ODB to a talent contract last October. We especially enjoyed following ODB's character completely evolve in Ohio Valley Wrestling, and just knew she'd be a breakout star once she joined TNA.

We're pleased to report that ODB will be challenging the TNA Women's Champion at the February PPV - Against All Odds. What will happen when ODB's unique style clashes with the champion on February 10 at BI-LO Center in Greenville, South Carolina? You can still acquire tickets for this event via heading over to Now if you really want to know who ODB will challenge then click here. We don't want to spoil the outcome of the Gail/Kong title match so we won't publish the spoilers on the main page.

Candice Michelle - Sock Fetish Photos

Join us today as we hit you with some old-school Candice Michelle photos from her modeling days. Now these aren't your standard bikini-clad photos but rather something far more unique (or weird?). Prepare to experience Candice's dirty sock fetish!!!

Sock Fetish Photos

Chyna - A Slim-Fast Role Model?

The notorious Chyna continues to lurk around Hollywood like a bad smell. The former IC Champion attended a Slim-Fast event last night.

Rachel Hunter partnered with Slim-Fast to launch the popular "Find Your Slim" campaign in front of a wide variety of stars. RHD would like to point out that Rachel supposedly is a Slim-Fast success story but we'd love to know if Chyna used their techniques to lose all of her weight or did she use other methods? Either way the campaign sends a positive message to women so props to them for doing a good thing!!!

Ashley Massaro - The Ugly Truth

The spectacular Ashley Massaro made a surpirse return to RAW earlier this week, and is now officially listed as a RAW Diva. The multi-talented Diva wasted no time in securing herself a victory whilst Mickie James & Maria happily looked on... Ashley had the following to say about why she choose to return to the red team!!!

"Well last time I was here, um on RAW, the one thing I didn't accomplish was... being the women's champion... so that's definitely what I'm going to look forward to. Competing for that title!!!"

So there you have it, our almighty savior is here to save us from the evil clutches of Beth Phoenix. All joking aside (and half of our blogs about her are joking around), we here at RHD really hope Ashley has been training over the last six months. Ashley you weren't a good wrestler prior to your departure, your WrestleMania match was hideous, and you should thank your lucky stars you had the likes of Jillian Hall carrying you to somewhat decent bouts.

You're dating Paul London so use his skills, knowledge, and experience to better your own game. You're now working on the RAW Brand so use pre-LIVE event time to train with the likes of Jillian, Mickie, and Beth. We hear you're living in Texas so maybe you could sign-up for a few of Booker T's wrestling classes on your days off. We like Ashley the person but we don't want you going anywhere near that championship until you're 110% ready for it. The days of T&A Champions are long gone!!!

ECW - January 8, 2008

Last night's edition of ECW on SciFi featured the A* Dancer Kelly Kelly taking on Layla in an Extreme Dance-off. RHD's secret wish list called for Kelly to return to her "dancing roots" in 2008 and we've been rewarded already. If you missed ECW then simply head over to to re-watch the show (it's worth it). Kelly should "dance" on a weekly basis as we miss the good old days when she was so bad that it was must-see TV. Stripping really doesn't constitute as dancing. Lena also found her way onto this weeks show and managed to show a lot more personality and character - we love it. Special thanks to AJ for the following delicious pix!!!


Tonight's ECW - A Diva Dance-off

If you're not going out tonight then make sure you tune into The Sci Fi Channel from 10pm ET as ECW will be given an injection of pure entertainment. Kelly Kelly will be battling Layla in an extraordinary Diva Dance-off. What will happen when this epic battle goes down?

RHD always enjoyed Kelly's dancing as she was so bad at it (which made for awesome viewing), and we all know Layla excels at dancing. Layla is probably trying to teach Kelly a few moves as we write this (and she's probably failing miserably). Okay our ramblings will come to an end but please tune into the show as you know Kelly is a guilty pleasure, and she'll be dancing tonight - what more could you want?